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Chinese Company and Securities Law PDF EPUB

Liu, Chengwei

Chinese Company and Securities Law - Liu, Chengwei pdf epub




AUTHOR Liu, Chengwei
DATE 2008
ISBN 9789041126191

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China enjoys the highest level of foreign investment of any country in the world today, and is to all appearances intent on maintaining and even increasing that level. Yet, despite substantial liberalisation pursuant to China's WTO commitments, investment in China remains tightly circumscribed. For complex reasons stemming from China's protection of its own internal economy, The government hedges each form of foreign invested enterprise (FIE) with complex rules for qualification and approval. Many sectors of the economy remain fenced off from foreign investors, while investors in other sectors face a gauntlet of regulatory approvals at nearly every important stage of business. The result is a complex system of laws, regulations, and guidelines, bristling with challenges and uncertainties for even the simplest restructurings, that sometimes apply across the board to all FIEs and sometimes only to a particular kind of FIE. This detailed, systematic explanation-by a practising lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in China-provides thorough and up-to-date guidance on the rules and procedures affecting investments, mergers and acquisitions, and listings in China today. Focusing on such practical matters as applications, regulatory requirements, and transactional procedures, The author leads the practitioner through the maze of interconnected national and local authorities, with lucid explanation of the lines drawn as to total investment amount, sector or category of business, industrial compliance, geographic location, and various imposed restrictions, with expert knowledge of when and under what circumstances various rules apply and when they do not. Included in this superb analysis are detailed descriptions of such factors as the following: establishment of a new FIE, including a substantial review of the articles of association or shareholders' agreement; the equity or shares transfer in, or merger with or by, An existent FIE; the cross-border acquisition of a domestic company by foreign investors; the meaning of the official classifications 'encouraged,' 'permitted,' 'restricted,' and 'prohibited'; enforcement (or enforceability) of certain approvals, depending on context; permits (e.g., For advertising); foreign exchange controls; taxation and accounting matters; export and import and customs duties; eligibility for certain preferential treatments; equity or contractual joint venture with Chinese parties; and 'controlling' or 'relatively controlling' shareholding of Chinese parties. For law firms advising companies on investing in China, or for in-house counsel, this book is without peer as a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use resource. At every stage of a project, from the initial business decision to problems arising after successful start-up and during day-to-day operations, it will provide clear, authoritative guidance for years to come.Liu, Chengwei is the author of 'Chinese Company and Securities Law', published 2008 under ISBN 9789041126191 and ISBN 9041126198.

...d Securities Law is a detailed, systematic explanation - by a practising lawyer with over ten years experience at one of the top law firms in China - on the rules and procedures affecting FDI, M&As, and listings in China today ... China's New Company Law and Securities Law: An Overview ... ... . Focusing on practical matters such as key regulations, regulatory requirements, and transactional procedures and structures, the author leads the ... The object of this article is to examine the recent legal reforms to the Company Law and the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China. These reforms have made a number of substantial changes to these two laws, bringing them more closely into line with their counterparts in more developed economies. Despite many commendable achievements, these law reforms ar ... China Securities Regulatory Commission ... . These reforms have made a number of substantial changes to these two laws, bringing them more closely into line with their counterparts in more developed economies. Despite many commendable achievements, these law reforms are however not without s...